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Video Gait Analysis

Dr. Silberman's running video gait analysis videos have over 2 million views on YouTube.  Athlete's travel in from all over the country for video gait analysis at New Jersey Sports Medicine.  Dr. Silberman's running videos were an inspiration for the 2009 Harvard study on barefoot running by Dr. Daniel Leiberman, Director Harvard University Skeletal Biology and Biomechanics Lab.

















Using digital video Dr. Silberman will evaluate the entire kinetic chain of  you running.  A video taped session gives us dynamic assessment of you running.  Slow motion single frame review provides instantaneous feedback.

The majority of overuse running injuries can be classified as secondary to:
1. training error, 2. poor technique, or 3. anatomical and biomechanical factors.

Many running injuries require looking beyond the site of your ailment.  A static exam, focusing on the site of your injury while you sit on an examiner's table, may not pick up the cause of your problem.  Without knowing the cause, effective treatment can not be prescribed.

Your knee pain may actually be caused by abnormalities arising from your hips or feet (can be anywhere along the kinetic chain).

If you are a runner or participate in a running sport, be prepared to run at your New Jersey Sports Medicine office visit with Dr. Silberman.  Wear your shorts and bring your sneakers (all of them) including any inserts or orthotics you use or have tried.

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