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Custom Orthotics

Dr. Silberman specializes in making light weight, non rigid, custom orthotics for all individuals, athletes, active individuals, and non-athletes.  The cost of custom orthotics at New Jersey Sports Medicine have been found to be comparably less than those from other facilities.  They may be covered by your insurance.  If not covered, the most common type of custom orthotic at New Jersey Sports Medicine will cost $300.

Refurbishment of your old custom orthotics can be performed even if not originally made at New Jersey Sports Medicine.

Some conditions that may be treated with Custom Orthotics:

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, tears, tendonosis
Collapsed arch
Foot pain, foot arthritis
Leg length discrepancy
Pes planus (flat feet)
Pes cavus (high arched) or rigid feet
Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
Morton's neuroma



Turf toe

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